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The Martian movie is a one of a kind

Matt Damon kicks butt in the Martian movie The most underrated actor and underrated movie of the past decade surely come to life in the hit piece “The Martian”. Matt Damon is well known for his infamous movies with “Good Will Hunting” and “The Bourne Ultimatum”, but many in the movie/science community might see “The Martian” as his best piece of work.  At least former President Barack Obama was in Read More

Marvel’s What If Recaps – What if Ultron won?

What if Ultron won in the end? By Chinmay Kulkarni I wrote a previous article on episode 4 of Marvel’s What If series, specifically on Dr. Strange’s timeline to resurrect his dead girlfriend. As one of two episodes that stood out in the entirety of the series, it would only be correct to speak about the other episode, episode 8. Episode 8 focuses on Ultron, specifically the consequences of Ultron Read More

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Marvel’s What If Recaps – Dr. Strange Gone Rogue

Dr. Strange is a character of power and mystery By Chinmay Kulkarni The Marvel multiverse is a concept that not only has been suggested but is forced down the throats of viewers in the post-Avenger’s Endgame era. The MCU excellently teeters the line between lighthearted and dark – movies have been stuffed full of action sequences followed by formulaic lightheaded and gag-inducing scenes. Viewers were clamoring for darker, edgier content, Read More

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Avatar 2: 3 interesting facts about the sequel

Avatar 2 might be more fascinating than Avatar James Cameron’s Avatar film broke cinematic history as the highest-grossing movie of all time when it hit theaters globally in 2009. As widely enunciated, Avatar topped Cameron’s first masterpiece with Titanic.  So, we know James Cameron is arguably the movie’s top film director who delivers chills to his audience via out-of-this-world graphics, engaging plots, and top-notch acting. What we don’t know, is Read More

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Westworld should have ended after Season 1

By: Chinmay Kulkarni Few TV shows are just as well executed and successfully explore deeper meanings like Westworld. The 3-season spanning HBO science fiction show recreated and orchestrated by Jonathan Nolan’s mind specifically attempts to explore the definition of human consciousness along with the marriage of man and machine – in a dystopian timeline where extreme human-like robots inhabit a theme park for full human enjoyment. Westworld follows the story Read More

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Tron: Legacy was really overlooked

There were many impressive aspects of Tron: Legacy By: Jake Rajala In the eyes of so many movie critics, screen viewers, and entertainment gossipers, the high-grossing film Tron: Legacy was seen as a disappointment. In retrospect, some might say John Carter is 1A, while Tron: Legacy is 1B. It’s an unusual notion that the action-packed film from 2010 could garner soft praise. I believe that the sequel to Tron didn’t Read More

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Free Guy is a movie worth the price of admission

Watch Free Guy. Just do it. By: Chinmay Kulkarni The stench of video game movies reeks of hyped busts such as Tomb Raider, countless Pokémon movies, Super Mario Bros (jeez) just to name a few. So when another attempt to remake video game worlds onto the big screen is scheduled, it’s easy to judge the movie as a flop based on the history of the genre itself. When Free Guy, Read More

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3 reasons why Interstellar remains an underrated gem

The underrated Interstellar creates space nerds By: Jake Rajala The mystic and futuristic term “Interstellar” can be recalled in two ways. Interstellar can be reminisced as “the space between the stars in a galaxy”. Then there is the second popular, less nerdy notion of the space expression. Interstellar is commonly and perhaps most remembered among the general population as a sci-fi film, with Matthew McConaughey, and cinematic experience to make Read More

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Dune 2: Everything to know about the exciting sequel

Is Dune 2 on the horizon? In this COVID spewed year, countless theaters found a way to open their doors for impatient, inspired guests. The now-legendary movie experience Dune took the sci-fi crowd and more than a dozen countries by storm in 2021. The dystopian masterpiece that has drawn too many Star Wars comparisons impressively ranks number eight amid the Top 10 best modern sci-fi movies according to IMDb.   The Read More

The Matrix Resurrections will blow your mind

Matrix Ressurections is worth the wait By: Jake Rajala  ….. Back to the Matrix!  Keanu Reeves doesn’t look a day over 57 in his reappearance in the utter dynamite Matrix franchise. The badass, charming actor returns for his fourth Matrix showing in the 2021 Matrix Resurrection display.  The highly anticipated film has a few question marks. The obvious thought that comes to mind is if this Matrix is a remake. Read More