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Prometheus was exciting and surprising

Prometheus and Michael Fassbender stunned the audience

Michael Fassbender could be known as a bit of a late bloomer with high-end acting success in his life. He starred in well reputable franchises like X-Men: First Class in 2011 and Prometheus in 2012. His special debut in the Alien franchise was an exciting surprise for the Alien franchise addicts and Sci-Fi fan base. The Prometheus film was a clear masterpiece for Fassbender and the film surely delivered, as well. 

It can be a challenge for sci-fi sequels that had talented predecessors to be their “own beast”. We’ve seen the Matrix Revolutions, the Terminator 3, and arguably Tron: Legacy struggle to capture glory near the first motion picture in their respected franchises. Yet, Prometheus was a clever sequel through its engaging storyline and stunning visual images. Similar to Prometheus, Ex Machina and Avatar really helped themselves by capturing graphics that would inspire their audience. To put the cherry on top, Fassbender impressed as a robotic-like, precise character to a tee.

The story revolves around two explores/astronauts that discover a clue to the origins of Earth on an alien-like planet. In the present world, Time Magazine person of the year Elon Musk is striving to find traces of life in the universe with his baby SpaceX. Shaw and Halloway have concrete goals with finding clues to the treasure chest on the foreign planet. This won’t be a spoiler haven, but I will say the explorers find a hologram of prior alien life moving and a trap door that leads to more information. Ultimately, Fassbender and the crew discover a round table and they come to ignite the powerful alien warrior. You will have to watch for yourself to figure out what the alien feels about humans and if he respects their presence (or even home planet). 

I will say that this movie is consistently entertaining with action and drama. There is a lot of death, romance, and optimism. It’s more than worth watching if you love space adventure and Michael Fassbender. I promise you that. The movie gained very favorable reviews and it compared well to other movies in the Alien franchise.

The film received a quality score of 73% from Rotten Tomatoes and 85% of Google users enjoyed the movie screening. It stood out well in comparison to Alien Ressurection, especially if you believed you wasted your time watching that sequel. The Ressurection gathered a 54% score from Tomatoes and 83% of Google users liked the Alien movie. 

To further reiterate a pro of the movie mentioned earlier, the film truly has eye-opening visual effects. The image of a cool alien with a Millenium Falcon-like ship on top of a beautiful waterfall in the trailer is just one of the many graphics that drawn in a sci-fi nerd’s attention. Another fascinating aspect of the popular piece is how the exotic setting resembles a similar location as a rocky, yet scenic site on Earth. It is partially because the rocky terrain with breathtaking mountains was shot on a real landscape on Earth. The movie was taken place in “Iceland”. The entire visual experience is a fun ride and it is especially moving for a space, cinematic feature to glorify its scenes with next-level visuals that make a viewer attracted to space, inhabitable planets, and the universe’s unmatched potential. 

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