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X-Men Origins: Wolverine was underrated: here is why

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was really intriguing

The 2009 showcase of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was seen as a letdown in the eyes of so many movie bugs and X-Men followers. I believe that the film kept a lot of meat on the bone, but it was still very intriguing and often well written. X-Men’s origins was a tale of Wolverine’s upbringing and romantic past. Yet, things turn for the worst when Wolverine’s gazing crush gets taken away from his heart. Surprisingly, Wolverine’s love was believed to be slaughtered in a horror movie-like way by his brother.

The movie simply follows Logan’s start with Stryker and then his mission to seek redemption against his brother and general Stryker. Logan wants to kill his brother and the pig-like, Black ops leader in General Stryker. There’s a game of hot and cold with Wolverine’s crush, as well.

The Origins film was chaotic, yet an action-packed piece of pure excitement. I believe it was a quality addition to the X-Men franchise, even it if was comprised of a couple of flaws. Here is why it struck some gold in my opinion. 

  • It is truly a cool birth of Wolverine

The movie shows an appealing start of Wolverine’s beginning with convincing emotion. They show the history of Wolverine and his brother Sabertooth mauling opponents in numerous wars. They also nicely show the sensitive side of the Wolverine with his love for Kayla Silverfox. It’s quite the romantic tragedy and back-to-back romantic tragedies for Logan (Jean Grey being the second). It’s worth noting Kayla didn’t really love him and she was in fact a double agent.

It nicely depicts the scene of Wolverine gaining his powers after he is tormented under General Stryker in a project he was misled with. If Wolverine can survive the experiment, he can survive anything. That showed to be true afterward in which Logan gained Adamantium. 

  • Many unique, badass characters 

The cool and underlooked aspect of Origins is the crazy, badass characters that are introduced in the film. The audience meets Deadpool, Gambit, The Blob, John Wraith, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and of course Sabertooth. To say Sabertooth is an attractive villain at first glance, would be more than challenging to justify. Still, there are a plethora of fascinating characters in this piece.

Deadpool would of course be an amazing asset to the film and we see Deadpool is brilliant action “with Logan and against Logan”. Gambit is also an interesting prospect that can charge matter with explosive bio-kinetic energy. He, unfortunately, prevents Wolverine from killing his brother in a quick effort, but he does help Logan hunt down Stryker after Logan outmuscles the poker fanatic in a masochist one vs one.

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