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The Martian movie is a one of a kind

Matt Damon kicks butt in the Martian movie

The most underrated actor and underrated movie of the past decade surely come to life in the hit piece “The Martian”. Matt Damon is well known for his infamous movies with “Good Will Hunting” and “The Bourne Ultimatum”, but many in the movie/science community might see “The Martian” as his best piece of work. 

At least former President Barack Obama was in love with the Martian. According to Business Insider, Obama stated that the Martian was his favorite movie of the year. So what exactly is so special about the adventurous Mars trip with the Finnish actor Damon? Well, here’s a quick overview. 

The core themes of the movie are perseverance, space, and science. And the book is based on the best selling book “The Martian”. The book was however more scientific in its aim. The movie was inspirational and it even added more body of facts than most sci-fi films, it didn’t quite make the viewer literally brainstorm scientific puzzles along with Watney — as the book did. 

Damon’s character Mark Watney is left stranded on “The Red Planet” after a fierce storm kills his co-mates. He was pronounced dead because they couldn’t conduct early contact with him. Nonetheless, Damon was able to initiate communication and the earthlings and NASA are stunned. There’s massive controversy on whether it is worth risking the lives of astronauts to rescue the astronaut that faces an improbable chance of survival. 

The “management” opts to not bring home the single Martian, but the astronauts in space decide to commit a rebellion and lead with emotion as they pursue sending a fleet to pick up the main character.

Watney has to use scientific methods to make water, food (plants), and shelter. It’s well known that Damon’s lead character was only left with a very limited supply of resources. He had approximately 50 days of food left, but he ended up living on Mars for 564 Earth days! You will have to see for yourself if he survived in the end.

The movie setting of Mars is also an undeniably perfect location. It provides a spark of adventure and realistic possibility as SpaceX leader Elon Musk strives to land humans on Mars. Matter, in fact, Musk claimed on Lex Fridman’s podcast that the worst case for humans on Mars is 10 years and the best case is 5 years. That’s very exciting news for space buffs and humans that want to volunteer to go to Mars.

There is also a star crew of actors in the film. Jessica Chastain, who starred in Interstellar, lands a big role as the heroic astronaut that chooses to save Damon. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Jeff Daniels also play key roles in the 2015 masterpiece. 

This movie received 91% from Rotten Tomatoes and 93% of Google users admired the film. So, the question begs to ask: what will your opinion be of the movie after you grab your (buttered?) popcorn and give it a watch?

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