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Avatar 2: 3 interesting facts about the sequel

Avatar 2 might be more fascinating than Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar film broke cinematic history as the highest-grossing movie of all time when it hit theaters globally in 2009. As widely enunciated, Avatar topped Cameron’s first masterpiece with Titanic

So, we know James Cameron is arguably the movie’s top film director who delivers chills to his audience via out-of-this-world graphics, engaging plots, and top-notch acting. What we don’t know, is if Cameron’s next baby will climb the ladder of movie glory, or if it will sink in his all-time list of personal work. Well, let’s take a sneak peek at his next piece of art and gain a better understanding of what to expect.

3 cool facts about Avatar 2

  • The setting is literally set in an ocean! (for the most part)

It’s well documented that James Cameron deeply appreciates the world and strongly admires nature. In Avatar, the director expressed his passion for forests with the setting and he makes his strong opinion on protecting the trees of this world clear. In the sequel, Cameron wants to top the woods and flow with the sea. Cameron simply combines his love of the ocean and story writing. Per Entertainment, the producer Jon Landeau stated that Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 (releasing in 2024) will be in and around the sea.

The environment is a very important concept in 2022. We’ve seen movies like ” Don’t look up” take place in this strange world. The movie wasn’t flawless, but it nicely showcases issues that seem to go unnoticed by the billions of earthlings.

  • Family, Family, Family

The movie’s theme will surround the strong love that a family has for one another. It’s certainly one of the biggest universal themes. The two main characters: Jake and Neyriti will have four young children in the film. According to Empire, the two Navi parents will have an adopted, human child. There are bound to be conflicting views on the human between the parents, as well.

  • Say hello to Simon Franglen

In the first Avatar hit movie, the composer James Horner orchestrated the music. Just as Horner composed Titanic, Braveheart, and Apollo 13, Horner got the nod for Cameron’s 2009 breakthrough movie. Well, Horner won’t be sticking around to bring music from heaven for the second Avatar film. The new face of Simon Franglen will be the composer for Avatar 2. Franglen has had his work crafted for Born to Run, Friday, and The Magnificent 7. Avatar 2 will undoubtedly be Franglen’s biggest hit to date in his career. Franglen really appears to be the cherry on top.

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