The Matrix Resurrections will blow your mind

Matrix Ressurections is worth the wait

By: Jake Rajala

 ….. Back to the Matrix! 

Keanu Reeves doesn’t look a day over 57 in his reappearance in the utter dynamite Matrix franchise. The badass, charming actor returns for his fourth Matrix showing in the 2021 Matrix Resurrection display. 

The highly anticipated film has a few question marks. The obvious thought that comes to mind is if this Matrix is a remake. Matrix Resurrections isn’t simply a remake, but rather a sequel. The second energizing and rewinding thought is when the John Wick actor will pop up on the screen. The showing of the movie is none other than …. December 22! Yes, You read that correctly 🙂 

Well, what should a movie bug expect from the treasured addition to its respected series? 

The honest answer is that there are complex reviews to the December hit piece. There have been early screenings and rapid reviews to follow. Some receivers are heavily picky on the original material and even graphics in the Christmas season movie premier. On the contrary, many fans are very appreciative to witness the main characters return, the “blue or red pill” choice to make its impact, and the gravity of many action moments, slow gunfire in air scenes. 

It does seem clear that if you are expecting the Matrix to be near the cream of the crop in the series, you will surely be mistaken. The first and legendary Matrix will always mop the floor of any potential expectation in worthy comparison between the 1999 movie and 2021 film. Nonetheless, the action-packed futuristic film does seem worth buying a ticket to. The reminiscing flashbacks and scenes, quality acting, and bold vision make it an attractive invitation. 

The notorious Rotten Tomatoes hand the movie a 70% score – a score that doubles the 2003 “Matrix Revolutions” Rotten Tomatoes score. I would say that you should give the next Matrix movie a chance. Then the real question on your mind comes afterward. 

Will you take the blue pill or red pill?

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