"Algerian Dune 3" by Viva NOLA is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Dune 2: Everything to know about the exciting sequel

Is Dune 2 on the horizon?

In this COVID spewed year, countless theaters found a way to open their doors for impatient, inspired guests. The now-legendary movie experience Dune took the sci-fi crowd and more than a dozen countries by storm in 2021. The dystopian masterpiece that has drawn too many Star Wars comparisons impressively ranks number eight amid the Top 10 best modern sci-fi movies according to IMDb.  

The green globe knows that Dune was a cerebral piece and worthy of watching or reading. It’s evident that Frank Herbert’s story introduced yet another moving piece of art that will reach millions of fans and creators of art.  

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With that being said, one pivotal question arises. When on “Arrakis” will the second Dune come to a theater nearby? Should we expect to wait many agonizing years? Well, it’s very evident when the second Dune will show up …. and it’s quite soon. 

Dune 2 will be released in October 2023, as confirmed by Warner Bros. Furthermore, the film featuring Timothee Chalamet will begin filming in the “summer of 2022”. It’s very refreshing, surprising, and thrilling to hear that the addition to the first film is on its way soon. 

It’s obvious that we should expect to see more intense action and emotion with Paul Atreides and Chani in the second film. More engaging and pivotal battles are guaranteed to be on the way, as well. Plus, it’s been reported that we should anticipate Paul conquering the “beast

I shouldn’t be the only Dune, Denis Villeneuve, Frank Herbert, or Hans Zimmer fan to have a gut feeling that the second film could very well outperform the first earth-shattering experience.

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